Warrington Kitchens Company Requires New Staff

Contact: Emma Davies
Company: Hale St Kitchens & Bedrooms Ltd
Address: 1A Guardian Street Warrington, Cheshire, WA5 1SJ, United Kingdom
Contact Number: 01925 242 522
Email: admin@halestkitchens.co.uk
Website: https://halestkitchens.co.uk

Kitchens and Bedroom Company Seeks Qualified Applicants to Help Them Manage their Sales

Hale St Kitchens & Bedrooms Ltd is accepting applications from capable and qualified kitchen installers to help them deal with the rapid increase in their sales. They are looking for applicants who possess in-depth knowledge and broad experience in the industry.

The primary role of kitchen fitters and installers at Hale St Kitchens & Bedrooms Ltd is to help the company handle their continually growing sales. Aside from that, they have other responsibilities to carry out. Two new members of the team will be deployed to visit customers in their residential properties to advise and provide kitchen design services. They will also be responsible for relevant manufacturing plans and installation.

Future kitchen renovators and installers will do more than installing a kitchen, bedroom, and sliding wardrobes. They will be the ones to choose the right materials and supplies, put them together to make a range of cabinets that exceed customer’s instructions, needs, and requirements. Hale St Kitchens & Bedrooms Ltd informs applicants that their work is highly physical. This means that one has to do work on their feet at all times. Strength and physical dexterity are a prerequisite of working as a kitchen installer in the company.

A high school diploma or a GED is another requirement for applicants to be considered at their kitchen furniture shop as a kitchen installer. But it’s important for aspiring wardrobe installers to have an apprenticeship. This will give them plus points to get hired. The good news is that most of the training is provided on the job. To be a part of Hale St Kitchens & Bedrooms Ltd is no easy feat. There are challenges to overcome like working in terrible weather conditions, spending hours of bending, etc.

Other responsibilities are conferring with customers to identify their wardrobe making or installation requirements, providing clients with information about the materials for the cabinets, creating cost and time estimates for a project with customer’s approval, acquiring supplies (wood, glue, nails, plastic sheets, and many more), determining the perfect tools , shaping and cutting materials, putting shapes planks together, clearing workspaces before installation, positioning wardrobes accurately, identifying whether or not the cabinet addresses symmetry or placement issues, polishing installed wardrobe, uninstalling and repairing existing furniture according to the client’s instruction.

Other rules may also be given depending on the situation. Be involved in a team of talented and versatile professionals now. Be part of the company that is conducive for continuous skill development. Hale St Kitchens & Bedrooms Ltd treats every new member of a family!

About Hale St Kitchens & Bedrooms Ltd:
At Hale St Kitchens Warrington, they design, create, and install a superb range of cabinets for different spaces at any residential property. Over the years of serving the industry, they are reputed for providing a complete kitchen renovator service that suits everyone’s preferences. Their designs fit both traditional and contemporary home. They are a family business that has been serving Warrington, Cheshire, and other surrounding places with a reputation for providing hand-crafted bespoke kitchens at a fair and reasonable cost. Their kitchen showroom in Warrington is open from Mondays to Fridays for selection.

For more information about the job vacancies, please feel free to visit https://halestkitchens.co.uk. Or send them a message at admin@halestkitchens.co.uk. Be part of the amazing team of installers at Hale St. Kitchens & Bedrooms Ltd.  Awesome compensation and great incentives await everyone!